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Complaints – S-Gifts

We at digital store for presents, souvenirs and decoration for your home S-Gifts are dedicated to deliver to our customers picturesque representation of all our stock which includes rich description. Our strict control system ensures the quality of our stock, as well packing each order with the utmost care.   In any case of damaged items please contact us at [email protected] or call  +359 882 590 877.   Through the Consumer Protection Law you have the right to return your order in 14 days since receiving it and get a full refund. Upon returning your order all items need to be well packaged and in their original state, the consumer is obligated to defray any transport costs. CONDITIONS FOR REFUNDS AND RETURNS OF GOODS ORDERED ONLINE FROM THE S-GIFTS SITE. 1. The customer has the right to refuse to receive the requested goods, without owing compensation or penalty if the product is damaged or does not meet the visuals at www.S-gifts.com 2. Return and replacement shipping costs are at the expense of the customer, unless: – the received goods clearly do not correspond to the ones stated in the order; – the product is damaged. – the mistake was our fault; 2.1 The goods should NOT be used, good commercial appearance, with original packaging, with original labels, with the original documents issued by S-Gifts.com. 2.1.3. When returning the goods, they must be packed, according to the respective courier company or other durable polyethylene packaging, on which the return documents (transport documents/waybill, etc.) should be attached. On the original packaging of the product – a box or envelope of the product should NOT be attached or glued/taped any materials, tape, transport documents or other things, which would impair the integrity and commercial appearance of the original packaging !!! 2.1.4 When the return of the product is at the expense of S-Gifts.com, it is done obligatory with the courier company SPEEDY / ACS, NOT with a chosen courier from the client. 3. Refunds 5.1. Refunds paid by card. – If we need to return the amounts paid with the card for the services contracted and performed by us, this will be done by us through a credit transaction on the card that made the payment after contacting us at [email protected] – If for any reason the return on the card is unsuccessful, the client will be further notified in order to provide a bank account on his name at which the amount will be refunded.