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Holidays & Occasions

Occasions for giving presents

The holidays fill us with positive emotions, especially exciting is giving and receiving of presents. Sometimes people have difficulty figuring out what to give. That’s why we are here to help with ideas for original surprises for any occasion.

Birthday presents

The birthday is the most common occasion for giving presents. We usually go to the birthday of relatives and friends, so it is not difficult to make them happy with items they will like. Men are more difficult in this regard because they do not share what they like and what they would like to receive. You can get an idea from the zodiac sign of the birthday person.

Name day presents

During the year there are many name days and, accordingly, occasions to make our loved ones, having a name day, happy with a gesture of attention. Make a calendar of birthdays and plan original surprises for them. On a name day it is appropriate to give something for the table. If the person is a lady, please her with elegant dishes. If he is a man, impress him with drink-themed accessories. Name days are public holidays and suggest folk-style presents, but of course, this is not mandatory. In the “Trifon Zarezan” collection you can choose from wine sets in folk style.

Another option for ideas on the occasion of name days you can get from the specific Saint who is worshiped on this day. Many of them are patrons of a certain sphere of ​​life and it can be a theme for making a surprise for the name day. For the holiest of name days, such as Easter and Christmas, when Hristo, Velichka, Bozhidar and others celebrate, you can give candlesticks, as a symbol of the light they carry.

You can also draw inspiration from a name interpreter book and give a statuette, based on it, symbolizing the meaning of the name.

The name days throughout the year are many and we cannot list them all, but we have already given you basic ideas for them. By all means we need to talk about some of them, which are especially interesting.

Todor’s Day

This day is a celebration for the people, raising horses, that’s why a horse-themed present is suitable for the holiday.

Flowers’ Day

This is the name day of people, having names of flowers and plants, that’s why the flower theme is suitable for thinking of presents.

St. George’s Day

On the one hand, this is the shepherd’s day and sheep-themed presents as well as statuettes and images of sheep are very suitable for the occasion.

On the other hand, St. George the Conqueror is a patron of the Bulgarian Army, that’s why statuettes of soldiers, knights, decorative weapon.

St. Nicholas Day

And especially for Saint Nicholas Day you can give as a present carp, served on a stylish platter or a “Golden Fish” vase.

Anniversary presents

A jubilee or an anniversary are solemn occasions that require special attention. Depending on the type of anniversary, a special and impressive present needs to be found.

A birthday-Milestone Anniversary

The present is chosen based on the birthday person’s age and gender. It must make them feel valuable, respected and appreciated. Such feelings can be achieved by giving a stable, elegant and a stylish statuette.

Wedding Anniversary

Almost each anniversary is celebrated under a specific title. For example, a “cotton” and a “paper” wedding anniversary are those celebrating the first two anniversaries respectively. To mark them the spouses give to one another handkerchiefs for the first one, and books for the second one.

The “wooden” wedding anniversary is the first more noteworthy anniversary for the family and is marked on the fifth year of the marriage. The spouse give to one another wooden souvenirs. The next anniversaries’ theme is metal so such presents are being made.

The Iron wedding anniversary is the 6th one and the 7th one is the Copper one.

The Tin one celebrates the 8th anniversary.

The 10th anniversary is called the “Rose” one. It is time to rekindle romance. The husband gives his wife roses and rose items.

The coral and the nickel one are next in line – for the 11th and the 12th anniversary respectively.

The crystal wedding anniversary is an anniversary, marking 15 years of a loving relationship between the spouses. As you can imagine, crystal glasses, dishes and souvenirs are a great present for the occasion.

We won’t continue listing all of the wedding anniversaries but it is important for the spouses to celebrate them in order to keep their relationship fresh.

The porcelain wedding anniversary is the round 20th anniversary of the marriage. Presents can come in the shape of porcelain sets and porcelain items.

Another important wedding anniversary is the “Silver” wedding anniversary. Give one another silver emotions for your 25th anniversary. The soft silver lustre of the decoration and presents will bring you glamour and coziness.

A golden wedding is celebrated on the 50th anniversary of the marriage. The couple has truly shown to the world what devotion in marriage means. That’s why the thematic decoration and presents for this occasion is gold.

Romantic anniversary of a meeting, first date, getting together

For such occasions, of course, the surprises are romantic. You can get ideas from the “St. Valentine” sector, but romance for every taste can also be found in any other item in the store.

Professional anniversary

For a round professional anniversary in any given sphere and field, choose a stylish wall clock or a statuette, symbolizing the profession and the skills, necessary to practice it.

Present for a wedding

The newly weds should be given practical things, serving the brand new household. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so the present needs to be luxurious. Various sets of porcelain and crystal, bowls, platters, serving trays, fruit bowls, vases. You can choose decorative items as well, selected in the “Wedding Presents” category.

Present for a Christening

For a kid’s Christening, you can give a beautiful children’s meal set or a funny cup. You can choose a funny souvenir as well, a figurine of a cute animal or a piggy bank, where you can put some cash.

Present for a Graduation

Graduation is a solemn event, it is a milestone in a young person’s life. To greet someone for such an event, you can give them a statuette, symbolizing knowledge, success and achievement. We have a great variety of statuettes of owls, symbolizing wisdom and education. We have other statuettes, suitable for the occasion, as well. Another graduation present option is a gift set with an original notebook and a pen.

Present for a new home

If you are invited on such an occasion, you must be very close to the people, having a new home. The new home needs decoration and serving sets. Choose from our offers for home decoration and a variety of dishes, utensils and tableware for food and drinks. This way your gift will become part of the new home, where you will always be welcome.

Present for a new car

The occasion needs to be celebrated, so that sobriety behind the wheel could be observed afterwards. So you can choose an alcohol set for the gathering. You can also gift something symbolic, like a car key holder. You can find a statuette with us – a Formula 1 trophy. Don’t forget a card with a save drive wish!

Present for a new job

It is not easy to find a good job these days, so if some of your loved ones does, this is a huge event that needs to be celebrated. It is suitable to give a thematic souvenir, thus wishing good luck and success at the new job. Of course, drinks are also due on the occasion, so anything connected to drinks, is also suitable.

If the new job is a promotion or a high position, it is best to give something in a corporate style.

Present for Saint Valentine

The romantic day demands generosity and love! You will find splendid offers for this celebration. We have separated a “Saint Valentine’s” category.

Romantic statuettes, souvenirs, cups and glasses, photo frames, boxes and scented candles. Wrap the surprises in romantic present boxes. But romance doesn’t end here. In each category of the store you can find inspiration and ideas for creating romance.

In the “Home Decoration” category you can find: magnificent vases, you can fill with flowers or put just a single rose; romantic clocks, measuring the time for love, photo frames for your romantic memories, exquisite candlesticks, in which you can put scented candles, pictures with flowers, elegant jewelry boxes and memory boxes, flowers and decoration items.

Start the day with a romantic breakfast in bed, a romantic cup of coffee and serve a romantic dinner in elegant and romantic dishes. And for even more romance, organize a picnic. If the weather doesn’t suggest a romantic walk, put a blanket on the floor, take a picnic basket and do it in your warm cozy home.