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Gifts for men

Presents for men

If there is a holiday coming, which requires a present for a man, a lot of people are faced with a great difficulty.

Why is it so hard to make such a choice? Looking for an appropriate present, even for the closest men, turns into Mission Impossible. This is so, because of several reasons. One of them is that men don’t like to share their personal interests, likes, hobbies, dreams and desires, because they think this would make them vulnerable. Besides, they prefer to choose for themselves. Maybe the most important reason of all is the fact that men like to be in control in each situation and are not fans of surprises in particular.

In spite of all the reasons, stated above, there are great options for surprises for men and we will help you realize them. Here is what you need to know.

Choice based on the relationship

When we look for a present for a close person, we have the necessary information at hand. This could be his profession, hobby, a favorite sports team, favorite music, book or movie. This information is a good basis, on which we can choose a theme for a practical present or something to serve as a token. No matter how hard men try to conceal things, there are things that cannot be concealed. Except for all of the above-mentioned things, there are others signs, like way of living, habits or things, spontaneously slipping in conversation, like desires, interests or goals, which immediately should be added to the list of ideas.

Holidays are occasions when people are likely to share things in order to make a loved one happy. Ask them carefully and include them in a joyful festive conspiracy.

When we have to buy something for a stranger, it is far more difficult but not impossible to make an original gesture. No matter how much of a stranger he is, there must still be some kind of public information about him, the least of which is his profession. In most cases it is representative for his personality and his standard as well his life style. In most cases presents should be made to a business partner or a colleague at work. This is made easy to some extent, because in this field there is a certain etiquette and choice can be made among beautiful and luxurious items.

Take a look at our corporate presents category and you will surely find interesting options.

If the field of work is not of that range, there are original souvenirs, connected with celebration, tables and joy, and they will always be appreciated. We offer interesting sets and alcohol accessories, which will impress everyone.

When the stranger, for whom the present is meant, is a friend of friends, they can give you the necessary information, and if nothing connects you with him and the occasion for which you ae buying the present is something else, you must opt for something stylish and symbolic.

Types of presents for a man

Corporate presents for a man

For men, working at a desk, the sets for desks, paperweights, clocks, statuettes, picture frames, ashtrays and other original souvenirs, are appropriate.

“Trifon Zarezan” Collection

The holiday for drinks “Trifon Zarezan” is marked once a year, but drinking occasions can be found daily. Also, there is hardly a man who doesn’t drink, and even if he doesn’t, it is always a good idea for him to have a stylish set of glasses and a carafe for his guests, as well as other attractive accessories for serving alcohol. That’s why such sets are the universal present for a man. On the alcohol subject there are other offers as well, for example stylish pocket bottles.

Statuettes and souvenirs

We offer a wide range of animal and people statuettes at our stores. If you know which his favorite animal is, then a statuette of that animal would be suitable. Another option is to use the metaphor which certain animals like the eagle, the horse, the bull, the lion, the deer, the bear, the elephant, the leopard, etc. are associated with.

Among the people statuettes the most appropriate ones are knights, because they bring the message of manhood, bravery, honor, boldness and each man would be happy to receive such a present. All of the remaining statuettes can also turn out to be suitable. Take a look and choose for yourselves!

Presents for games, luck and winning

If you want to give a present to someone who is fond of games, you could give him a stylish chess set or a themed souvenir with playing cards. Cards are also a symbol of luck. Everyone needs luck once in a while. Among our collections you will find statuettes for luck and wealth, because everyone needs money as well. That’s why by giving the “Horn of Plenty”, you wish good luck at business and a lot of money. “Horn of Plenty” is a statuette of a horn or a shell, overflowing with money.

Home or office decoration

Wall and table clocks are universal, but among them you will find various themes, which will turn out to be the perfect gift for your occasion.

Other items, from which you can choose, are ashtrays, candlesticks, lamps, fruits bowls, etc.

Presents for food lovers

There are a lot of food lovers among men, so don’t miss the opportunity to give a dish as a present. In this category of the store you will find exceptionally beautiful dishes and sets, which will make someone very happy at the kitchen.

Themed presents

All of the above mentioned items can be a design on a particular theme, favorite to most men – sports, music, hunting and fishing, animals, sea theme, motors, party or ethno themes like Africa, Asia, the East,etc. So, by combining a beautiful item with a theme, interesting for the person, you find yourself with a moving surprise.

Occasions for giving a present to a man

Present for a birthday

This is the best known occasion for organizing a surprise. It happens each year, to everyone and everyone has at least several people in their circle that they would love to greet – close people, relatives, friends, colleagues. Depending on the relationship and, of course, having in mind the personality of the birthday person, you can choose something suitable. Another piece of information, except for the already mentioned ways of determining the interests of the birthday person, is the birthday date. This information helps determining the person’s zodiac sign and it can give you additional ideas.

Presents for a jubilee

The jubilee is a milestone anniversary of a particular event. It can be a birthday, a work anniversary as well as other important life events. The occasion is a very special one. It is celebrated rarely and presupposes giving a valuable present. It must make the jubilarian feel valuable and respected. It is best that the present is connected to his personality and achievements. You can choose a magnificent statuette or a clock. You can choose a frame and put a special photo. It is important that the item in question represents a solemn feeling.

Present for a name day

Every year a lot of people have a name day. On this day they are usually celebrating at the table. There’s no invitation on name days and the present is not a must, but it is also advisory to give something. Suitable for the occasion are the alcohol sets, wine accessories or pocket bottles. If you are going to a name day party uninvited, you can make an impressive surprise with home-made food, in an original dish, from our collections. In this way you have a present, there will be some snack, and after you leave, the beautiful dish will remind him of the nice emotions long after the event.

Present for Saint Valentine’s Day

On the most romantic celebration the woman in love longs for making her loved one happy. In spite of all romance, ladies must know that presents for men could not be romantic. If they choose something more masculine for their sweethearts, they will impress them more than giving them something, decorated with hearts.

That’s why it is good to take a look at the presents for men and choose something special, based on their sweetheart’s interests and character. If they insist on something romantic, they can choose a picture frame, in which they can put impressive photos. If their partners are fans of “Trifon Zarezan”, they can choose something original in our rich collection, dedicated to this celebration.

Present for Christmas and New Year

Christmas is celebrated once each year and children eagerly await it. But it is also a very joyous holiday for the adults as well. If you have listened to your friends and relatives during the year, you have probably heard about their dreams and interests, and you will easily find something appropriate for everyone.

Other occasions


Success is very important for a man’s satisfaction. They strive for it throughout their lives, they set goals and chase them with passion. The fields are different, but the passion with which they seek achievement is equally strong. That’s why reaching a certain goal is a special occasion for a man to be greeted. In this way, except for the success, the man also feels valued by his friends and relatives. The present on this occasion must represent his efforts to reach his goal. This can be an Atlas figurine, carrying the world on his shoulders, a knight statuette, a strong animal statuette, and for sports achievements – “The Discobolus of Myron” statuette. Of course, depending on the particular achievement, another symbolic present can be chosen.


It is not necessary that there is an occasion in order to make a nice gesture. The mere act of giving is a pleasure for the person who gives. That’s why when you see an object, which is simply suitable for someone, just make him happy without an occasion. This nice spontaneous gesture will be more impressive than any occasion.

As a token

People give each other tokens which remind them of each other. If it is for a forthcoming separation or precisely as a token that they will never forget each other, they give their friends and relatives items as a symbol of the memory of each other. These are sentimental things, for which there can be no advise, as they come deep from the heart.

Professional celebration

Celebrating a professional holiday is different from personal holidays. It is connected more with success and achievement. Presents on such occasions are “more restricted”, more stylish. Of course, it depends on the profession. According to the specific occasion, a particular souvenir can be chosen. Work, career and business are activities, which must bring money. That’s why on such occasions a “Horn of Plenty” souvenir can be given.


Finishing a certain stage of life can be school graduation, finishing a project, a deal, a mission, retirement as well as all other kinds of life and business events. Graduation is a solemn event and a suitable present must be given, which also needs to be stylish. The principle of giving is similar to the ones, already mentioned.


There are moments when a man needs symbolic support, encouragement, in order to deal with a difficult period or activity. In such moments a gesture of friendship and support is especially valuable to him. Support can be expressed in a symbolic present, symbolizing strength, will, boldness, courage, perseverance, or just luck and money. In our online store there are various objects, which can express these qualities and symbols of success, luck, money and well-being.

We hope you already see it for yourself: when you know how, it is not difficult to choose a present for a man. Despite the challenges that men create, they can still be surprised, once you get to know them, and there are ways to do that easily. Each man will be flattered to feel special, appreciated, liked, wanted, brave, strong, bold, wise and successful. And this gives good basis for sending a positive message, with the help of original, themed, stylish present. The collections, selected by us, bring the perfect messages, which will guarantee that the presents will be accepted with excitement and will bring pleasure long after the holiday has passed.

If holidays are your passion and you love to celebrate, s-gifts.bg will turn into your favorite store.

Manner of giving

In order for your message to receive its addressee, the present needs to be accompanied by a card or a beautiful hand-written note. In this way you send a personal message, which will take a special place in the heart, home or office of its receiver. When you give a present you can also verbally give your message. If it is an original thought, it will be impressive, but all other kinds of greeting, when coming from the heart, will have effect.

It is wise not to leave shopping for the last moment. The sooner you choose the item, the more opportunities for you to buy it and wrap it accordingly. The final touch is the wrapping. It can be classical or original, according to the occasion. You can find stylish gift boxes at our store as well.

You already know how to choose a present for a man and if there is any occasion for a friend, a relative or a stranger, you can make a moving gesture for him.