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Wine lovers

  • Spice Set - Flavors
    Spice Set - Flavors

    Wine Set – Elegance

  • Spice Set - Flavors

    Wine Set – Party

  • Spice Set - Flavors
    Spice Set - Flavors

    Wine Set – Luxury

  • Spice Set - Flavors
    Spice Set - Flavors

    Wine Set – Enjoyment

  • Spice Set - Flavors
    Spice Set - Flavors

    Wine Set – Bottle

  • Spice Set - Flavors

    Wine Set – Accessories

  • Wine Stand - Elephant with a Chariot

    Wine Stand – Elephant with a Chariot


Gifts for wine lovers

For wine connoisseurs we have selected a large and impressive collection of accessories that will turn tasting into an aristocratic experience.

In style, gifts can be divided into modern, household, exotic and artistic.

The modern style accessories have a simple and clean design. Household accessories are in the form of a barrel. We have an exotic stand in the shape of an Indian elephant and an elegant stand in the shape of a swan. Artistic accessories have more creative designs, such as hunter, fisherman, cook, skeleton, motorcycle and others.

In the section, in addition to original stands, there are also corks, openers, decanters, glasses and various combinations of wine sets.

Such gifts will cause admiration among connoisseurs, because they are both luxurious and practical, sophisticated as a decoration and a delight for the eye, but also great for presenting.

Wine served in an attractive way creates a unique atmosphere and speaks of the style of the host. It is prestigious to have a luxury wine set, some models look professional, saying that the host is a connoisseur. The tasting from special decanters and crystal glasses radiates finesse and aristocracy.

That is why it is a generous gesture to give such an exquisite gift that will always bring pleasure.

The occasions on which wine accessories are given are varied. They are a recommended gift for a man who loves this alcohol. They can be given as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, for retirement, for a professional holiday, on the occasion of celebrating an achievement or a deal, as well as for the holiday “Trifon Zarezan”. Many men get excited about the day of the vine grower and gather with friends to celebrate it with toasts.

In the “Bohemia” section, you will find shiny crystal glasses and utensils for serving appetizers, classic but sumptuous style.

What are wine accessories for?

Ice bucket for cooling the wine.

The special knife helps to elegantly remove The foil of the bottle.

A corkscrew is then used to remove the cork.

Allow the wine to decant and breathe for a few minutes.

A ring is placed on the opening of the bottle, it catches the drops of wine.

The temperature is measured with a special thermometer. Different types of wine are consumed at different temperatures.
For convenient pouring, a nozzle for pouring wine is placed.

To preserve the qualities of the wine, the bottle is closed with a special cap.

Decanters are used for red wines between 5 and 10 years old. Sediment appears in them, which is not good to get into the cups. In the younger ones the procedure is unnecessary, and in the older ones it can worsen their qualities.

In the distant past, decanters were practically necessary because the wine was stored in barrels.

Today it is more for a nostalgic ritual, which should not be applied only to very mature and sparkling wines. In the former there is a risk that the sediment will cover the entire beverage, and in the latter it will no longer be sparkling when poured into a decanter.

Wines are usually served with cheese, so plateaus for them are recommended. In the collection “Bamboo cosiness”, you can see stylish cheese plateaus.